About OPTIC MultiMode Inlet for any Gas Chromatograph

OPTIC is a highly advanced Gas Chromatograph multi mode inlet system with sophisticated temperature and gas flow control that can be used for the most demanding Gas Chromatograph analyses. The OPTIC has a long history starting from 1992. The current version OPTIC-4 can be used for hot injections, cold injections, large volume, on-column injections, in liner derivatisation, thermal desorbtion, pyrolysis and more.
Starting from Evolution Workstation software version 4.5.1 it is even possible to control a Deans’ Switch or flow modulator with the OPTIC Multi-Mode Inlet.

Increase capacity of your GC system with MultiMode OPTIC!

Cold Injections
Large Volume Injections (Solvent Vent)
Thermal Desorption
Pyrolysis (liquid and solid)
In-injector Thermochemolysis
Cryogenic trap
On-column injections
Deans’ Switch control
GCxGC Modulation control
Gas Control is compatible with Ethyl Acetate, THF and Acetone
Compatible with PAL SPME-Arrow