InertSep Series

InertSep PLS-2

InertSep PLS-2図

InertSep PLS-2 is a SDB (Styrene divinylbenzene) polymer based reversed phase mode sorbent. Compared to a silica based C18 sorbent, InertSep PLS-2 has a quite higher sorbent retentive capacity and better stability in pH range.

Average Particle Size : 70 µm
Surface Area : 700 m2/g
Pore Volume : 1.1 mL/g
Pore Size : 7 nm
pH Range : 1 - 14

Syringe Barrel Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep PLS-2265mg/6mLENG50pcs5010-27430
InertSep PLS-2270mg/6mLENG50pcs5010-25020
InertSep PLS-2500mg/6mLENG30pcs5010-25025
InertSep PLS-21000mg/6mLENG20pcs5010-25030
InertSep PLS-2265mg/20mLENG20pcs5010-27431
InertSep PLS-2270mg/20mLENG20pcs5010-25035
InertSep PLS-2500mg/20mLENG20pcs5010-25036

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep Slim-J PLS-2230mgENG50pcs5010-65720
InertSep Slim-J PLS-2265mgENG50pcs5010-65721
InertSep Slim-J PLS-2 for AQUA265mgENG50pcs5010-65726*

SPE Sorbent

DescriptionParticle SizeVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep PLS-265-85µm10gENG1pc5010-69100
InertSep PLS-265-85µm100gENG1pc5010-69101

*: AQUA type is SPE Cartridges developed for water and environmental analysis.