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Tube Container


Tube Container

This aluminum container can shield sampling tubes. As loaded activated carbon (fiber) are loaded at one side, contamination and travel blank can be reduced. This is suitable for transportation and storage. This container is 22 mm O.D., both end capping (PTFE) is 25 mm O.D., 262 mm length for GL-Tubes, 192 mm for T-DEXII and ATD, 282 mm for Gestel.

Tube Container262mmGL-Tube4pcs3008-68350
Tube Container262mmGL-Tube12pcs3008-68351
Tube Container S192mmT-DEX II,ATD4pcs3008-68357
Tube Container S192mmT-DEX II,ATD12pcs3008-68359
Tube Container L282mmGerstel4pcs3008-68358
Tube Container L282mmGerstel12pcs3008-68360