Sampling Bags

Fluororesin Bag

The resistance to organic solvents, acids and basics is higher than that of Tedlar Bags. Fluororesin Bag also have good residence to heat and the operation temperature range is wide: from -70 ºC to +110 ºC. The adsorption and permeability to organic solvent gasses is superior to Tedlar bag, thus this is suitable to measure samples of organic solvent gasses that are targeted in working environment assessment


  • Made of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer film
  • Good resistance to chemical compounds and heat
  • Maximum operating temperature : 110 ºC
  • Film thickness : 50 µm
    • Applications : organic solvent, etc.

Manufacturer P/N
Fluororesin Bag1LAA-11pc3008-21101
Fluororesin Bag1LAB-11pc3008-21201
Fluororesin Bag1LCC-11pc3008-23301
Fluororesin Bag1LCD-11pc3008-23401
Fluororesin Bag1LCE-11pc3008-23501
Fluororesin Bag2LAA-21pc3008-21102
Fluororesin Bag2LAB-21pc3008-21202
Fluororesin Bag2LCC-21pc3008-23302
Fluororesin Bag2LCD-21pc3008-23402
Fluororesin Bag2LCE-21pc3008-23502
Fluororesin Bag3LAA-31pc3008-21103
Fluororesin Bag3LAB-31pc3008-21203
Fluororesin Bag3LCC-31pc3008-23303
Fluororesin Bag3LCD-31pc3008-23403
Fluororesin Bag3LCE-31pc3008-23503
Fluororesin Bag5LAA-51pc3008-21105
Fluororesin Bag5LAB-51pc3008-21205
Fluororesin Bag5LCC-51pc3008-23305
Fluororesin Bag5LCD-51pc3008-23405
Fluororesin Bag5LCE-51pc3008-23505
Fluororesin Bag10LAA-101pc3008-21110
Fluororesin Bag10LAB-101pc3008-21210
Fluororesin Bag10LCC-101pc3008-23310
Fluororesin Bag10LCD-101pc3008-23410
Fluororesin Bag10LCE-101pc3008-23510

Note 1) Other bag sizes available upon request.
Note 2) Note about production by order.