It is generally difficult to analyze samples with high boiling point hydrocarbons, because the sample contains aromatic hydrocarbons and makes it as malti-compounds analysis. Capillary columns are good at separation and manufactured as high operating temperature, thus capillary column is said to be optimized columns for these samples.
For simple hydrocarbon composites like paraffin wax, packed columns can be used for the analysis. 1 % OV-1 or Dexsil is generally used for the analysis. To elute it faster, a shorter length and narrow I.D. column is used with a temperature programming. Fig. 1, 2 are applications in such cases.
Higher hydrocarbon (upper C5) analysis is difficult because its isomers are multiple and complex. Adsorbants such as Sebaconitrile and VZ-7 is often used because of its better separation ability than commertial columns. However, the phase of maximum operation temperature is low, be careful to the operating temperature.