Ordering Guide

GC Packed Columns Ordering Guide

Packed Columns Ordering Guide

When inquire a GC packed column, ensure to specify the information as following example:

Caution When Using Columns

  1. When analysis or conditioning the column, do not set the oven temperature exceeding the maximum temperature. It may induce the column deterioration.
  2. Purge the packed column with enough carrier gas before start heating. Use inert- gas for carrier gas in analysis such as Nitrogen (N2), Helium (He), Argon (Ar), which are purer than 99.99 %.
  3. Especially Polyester or Polyethylene glycol type packing materials are easily oxidized by air. If the column still contains air and the temperature is increased, it may cause damage and a deterioration of the column performance. (Ex. purge the column with carrier gas at least 1 hour, then raise the temperature with 1 °C / min. rate)
  4. When conditioning, do not connect the outlet of the column to the detector. It may contaminate the detector with eluted liquid phase from the column.