Features - InertCap series

Quality Assurance

InertCap Capillary column are manufactured and shipped under strict quality control at the GL Science factory, Japan, in accordance with ISO9001 quality certification. InertCap is tested by standard samples which are includes high adsorption compounds.

Test compounds and Measurement items

(Measurement items for InertCap 1MS)

  1. Retention coefficients (k’)
  1. Number of theoretical plate (N)
  2. n-Decylamine (Basic compound adsorption test)
  3. 2,4,5-Trichloropheno (Acid compound adsorption test)
  4. Naphthalene (Metal coordination compounds adsorption test)
  5. n-Nonano (Residual silanol rest)
  6. Baseline by warming (Bleed value test)

Stability of Quality

In chromatography, retention factors (k') are one of the important factors for confirming column lot-to-lot variability. The retention factor of the InertCap is less than 2.0 % CV from the initial launch, and we always provide a stable product.
t1:Retention time of analytes
t0:Retention time of gas non-adsorb-to-column

Inspection Report


To achieve the highest quality assurance standards, all columns are tested for quality. The inspection report includes theoretical plate number (N) and coating efficiency (CE), to ensure optimal separation and stable quality. Also, to guarantee the specific performance of some products, a test chromatogram reporting the separation and adsorption of related standard components is included.