HPLC Column Hardware and Related Products

Replacement Filter for Columns

for Analytical Columns

DescriptionManufacturer P/NApplicable ColumnMesh SizeQty.Cat.No.
Replacement FilterCRF-1Mini Guard Column's Outlet Side2µm5pcs6010-53000
Replacement FilterCRF-21/8in. O.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53010
Replacement FilterCRF-36mm O.D. , 2.6mm I.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53020
Replacement FilterCRF-46mm O.D., 4mm I.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53030
Replacement FilterCRF-51/4in. O.D. Columns・Mini Guard Columns Inlet Side2µm5pcs6010-53040
Replacement FilterCRF-68 mm O.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53060
Replacement FilterCRF-73/8in. O.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53070
Replacement FilterCRF-810mm O.D. Columns2µm5pcs6010-53080
Replacement FilterCRF-9Glass Column (PTFE)10µm5pcs6010-53090
Replacement FilterCRF-10Micro Columns 0.7mm I.D.0.5µm5pcs6010-53100
Replacement FilterCRF-11Micro Columns0.5µm5pcs6010-53110
Replacement FilterCRF-131/4in. O.D., 2.1mm I.D. Columns0.5µm5pcs6010-53130
Replacement FilterCRF-141/4in. O.D., 3.0mm I.D. Columns0.5µm5pcs6010-53140
Replacement FilterCRF-151/4in. O.D., 4.0mm I.D. Columns0.5µm5pcs6010-53150

Note) CRF-1~8 and CRF-10~15 are stainless steel filter with sealing ring.

for A Type Preparative Columns

DescriptionManufacturer P/NApplicable ColumnMesh SizeQty.Cat.No.
Replacement FilterARF-1012.7 mm O.D., 10.7 mm I.D. Column2µm2pcs6010-54510
Replacement FilterARF-1621.7 mm O.D., 16.7 mm I.D. Column2µm2pcs6010-54516
Replacement FilterARF-2025.0 mm O.D., 20.0 mm I.D. Column2µm2pcs6010-54520
Replacement FilterARF-2227.2 mm O.D., 22.0 mm I.D. Column2µm2pcs6010-54522
Replacement FilterARF-3038.0 mm O.D., 30.0 mm I.D. ColumnMain Filter 2µm、Sub Filter 40µm2sets6010-54530*

Note) The filter are complete with a PTFE sealing ring.
ARF-30 includes two sets of a main frit (2 μm) and a sub-frit (40 μm).