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UHPLC Connections system MarvelX

Piping system with fitting and tubing set. Two types of tubing materials are available: stainless steel and PEEK-Lined StanlessSteel (PLS). The tubing of the PLS kit is made of PEEK, covered with stainless steel on the outside, and can be used under high-pressure conditions. Special fittings are set for manual tightening to facilitate pipe connections in the UHPLC. The specially designed tip section also realizes a zero-dead volume.



Operating Pressure Normal Pressure: 130 MPa (1300 bar)
Max. operating pressure : PEEK-Lined 160 MPa (1600 bar),
Stainless Steel 200 MPa (2000 bar)
Installation Finger-tight, 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn (45 º angle) after initial resistance
Tubing 1/32 inch O.D. flexible 316 Stainless Steel with 1/16 inch O.D. rigid tube ends
Fitting 10-32 threaded, removable 316 Stainless Steel
Wetted Material PEEK-Linked versions: PEEK
Stainless Steel versions: PEEK and 316 Stainless Steel
Max. Operating Temperature 120 ºC

Note) The performance specifications described above apply only when water is used at the maximum temperature of 120 °C with appropriate connections to the appropriate ports and under appropriate conditions. Different pressure tolerance thresholds may be used under different conditions.

DescriptionP/NTubing I.D.Tubing LengthReplacement Tubing P/NQty.Cat.No.
PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel KitUPFP-602515025µm (0.001")150mm(5.9")UPFP-6025150T1pc6010-73701
PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel KitUPFP-602535025µm (0.001")350mm(13.8")UPFP-6025350T1pc6010-73702
PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel KitUPFP-6100150100µm(0.004")150mm(5.9")UPFP-6100150T1pc6010-73711
PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel KitUPFP-6100350100µm(0.004")350mm(13.8")UPFP-6100350T1pc6010-73712
Stainless Steel KitUPFS-6125150125µm (0.005")150mm(5.9")UPFS-6125150T1pc6010-73721
Stainless Steel KitUPFS-6125350125µm (0.005")350mm(13.8")UPFS-6125350T1pc6010-73722
Stainless Steel KitUPFS-6254150254µm (0.010")150mm(5.9")UPFS-6254150T1pc6010-73731
Stainless Steel KitUPFS-6254350254µm (0.010")350mm(13.8")UPFS-6254350T1pc6010-73732

Replacement tubing is available on request.
Note) other sizes is available on request (tube length: 70 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, etc.)