HPLC Tubing

Tubing Cutters for SUS

Plier-Type Tubing Cutter

This tubing cutter makes clean cuts on 1/16 inch O.D. stainless steel tubing and ideal for cutting tubing in tight places. This has splendid durability, can be used at most thousands times. This can cut not only SUS tubing but also PTFE tubing, electrical cables.

1/16in. Tubing Cutter1pc6010-81230

Rotary Tubing Cutter

This tubing cutter cuts 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch O.D. tubing, Burr-Free leaving tubing I.D. open and also works with Glass-Lined tubing.

1/16in. Rotary Tubing Cutter1pc3001-31701
Replacement Cutting Wheels for Rotary Tubing Cutter3pcs3001-31712

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