Column Coupler

Pre-column Coupler is an easy-to-use tool to connect guard columns and analytical columns. Pre-column Coupler has two designs, one is using PCTFE materials, except common organic solvents, acidic solvent and basic solvent also can be used. And another one is stainless design, it can be used as high pressure.

Max. Operating Pressure : 14.7 MPa (PCTFE), 80 MPa (Stainless)
Tubing O.D. : 1/16 inch

DescriptionApplicable Tubing O.D.I.D.Max. Operating PressureMaterialConectionQty.Cat.No.
Pre-Column Coupler UP1/16in.0.18mm14.7MPaPCTFE, PTFEUP Type1pc6010-49200
Pre-Column Coupler UP1/16in.0.25mm14.7MPaPCTFE, PTFEUP Type1pc6010-49201
Pre-Column Coupler UP1/16in.0.50mm14.7MPaPCTFE, PTFEUP Type1pc6010-49202
Pre-Column Coupler W1/16in.0.25mm14.7MPaPCTFE, PTFEWaters Type1pc6010-49251
Pre-Column Coupler W1/16in.0.5mm14.7MPaPCTFE, PTFEWaters Type1pc6010-49211
Pre-Column Coupler SUS1/16in.0.1mm80MPaStainless1pc6010-49210
Pre-Column Coupler SUS1/16in.0.25mm80MPaStainless1pc6010-49250