HPLC Tubing

Precut Striped PEEK Tubing


Precut Striped PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing is color-coded for quick identification of internal diameter. For greater visibility, choose the solid color coding, for greater chemical resistance and biocompatibility, choose the striped coding.

PEEK Tubing1/16in.0.13mm50mm, 100mm, 200mmStriped5pcs each6010-37111
PEEK Tubing1/16in.0.25mm50mm, 100mm, 200mmStriped5pcs each6010-37121
PEEK Tubing1/16in.0.5mm50mm, 100mm, 200mmStriped5pcs each6010-37151
PEEK Tubing1/16in.0.75mm50mm, 100mm, 200mmStriped5pcs each6010-37171

Note) Please refer to “Striped PEEK Tubing” table about the information of color or maximum operating pressure.