High-Pressure Fittings

High-Pressure Fittings

Two types of high-pressure fitting designed for UHPLC are available: Finger-Tight Fitting type and UHPLC type. Each type comprises a stainless-steel nut and a special, reusable ferrule.

The ferrule, which is assembled from two components, one made of stainless steel, the other one made of PEEK-adapts to variations in the connection type of LC column, eliminating dead volume.

UHPLC Fitting Set (Hex Nut 10 pcs; Fitting Ferrule 10 pcs)1pair6010-77082
Fitting Ferrule10pcs6010-77084
Finger-Tight Fitting Set (Thumb Nut 10 pcs; Fitting Ferrule 10 pcs)1pair6010-77080

Note) In order to connect properly, it is necessary to insert the tube 25 mm or more into the fitting.