Accessories for LC Tubing

Tubing Working Tools

Tubing Flange

This uses mechanical force to form flanges, no electricity or heat is required.

Tubing FlangerMain Body×Pin 0.5/0.8/1.3mm 1pc of each1pc6010-81500
Tubing Flanger Molding Pin0.5mm1pc6010-81505
Tubing Flanger Molding Pin0.8mm1pc6010-81508
Tubing Flanger Molding Pin1.3mm1pc6010-81513

Flare Working Tool

The PTFE tubing is clamped onto the tip of a fully energized tool to open the tubing and flared quickly and coolly.

DescriptionApplicable Tubing I.D.ACQty.Cat.No.
Flaring Tool forPTFE Tubing2mm×1mm~6mm×4mmAC100V(60W)1pair3001-32302

Flange Working Tip

Flange machining is possible by replacing the tip of the flare forming tool.

DescriptionManufacturer P/NApplicable Tubing I.D.Qty.Cat.No.
Flange Making Tip Fg-0.5FG-0.50.5mm1pc6010-81405
Flange Making Tip Fg-1.0FG-1.01.0mm1pc6010-81410
Flange Making Tip Fg-2.0FG-2.02.0mm1pc6010-81420