96-well Plate Vials

FastRemover for Protein



FastRemover is a 96-well type filter plate ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples. High-throughput processing of plasma samples is performed simply, accurately, and reproducibly.


  • Easy filtration of biological samples.
  • Trace analytes can be processed with minimal sample loss owing to the low volume design of the elution tip and filter.
  • Perfect for processing with automated vacuum instruments.
  • High sensitivity analysis is unaffected by contamination from plasticizers or other impurities found in other 96-well plates
  • Removal of microparticle contaminants enables injection to LC / MS / MS directly from the collection plate.

How to Operate

1.Add 800 μL of acetonitrile to 200 μL of plasma in a test tube and stir by vortexing.
2.Set the FastRemover and collection plates in the vacuum manifold.
3.Place the mixed sample in the total volume plate and aspirate 1-2 minutes with a suction force of 0.02 MPa (0.2 Bar) or more.
Note) Not only acetonitrile but also methanol is available.

DescriptionPore Size
FastRemover for Protein0.45µm1pc7820-11001
FastRemover for Protein0.45µm5pcs7820-11005
FastRemover for Protein0.20µm1pc7820-11011
FastRemover for Protein0.20µm5pcs7820-11015