SPE Tip Columns for Trace Samples

MonoTip C18

MonoTip C18 pipette tip contains silica monolith bonded with C18 (Octadecyl groups). Silica monolith has continuous through-pore structure. As C18 is bonded, MonoTip C18 can desalt and concentrate proteins and peptides in reversed phase mode by easy pipetting.

How to Use Mono Tip


  • Easy-to-Operate
    • With MonoTip C18, samples are processed by pipetting. The operation is easier and less time consuming than using conventional SPE methods
    • (Refer to applications for wide variety molecular weight compounds as below.)
  • High efficiency with a wide range of molecular weight
    • Continuous through-pore is the structural advantage of silica monolith, which enables MonoTip C18 to offer high efficiency. MonoTip C18 is available for peptide and protein samples with the concentration range from pmol to nmol
    • A MonoTip C18 with a tip volume of 200 μL corresponding to a large volume sample and a MonoTip mini C18 with a volume of 10 μL corresponding to a trace sample were prepared.
  • MonoTip C18
    • Adapted to Peptide-Protein Samples with a Molecular Weight of Up to 40,000 in the Sample Concentration pico mol to nano molar order


  • Purifications of antihistamine in serum
    • Hasegawa C et al., Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom (2006);20:537-543
    • “Simultaneous determination of ten antihistamine drugs in human plasma using pipette tip solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography / mass spectrometry”
  • Purification of sulfatide (sulfoglycosphingolipid)
    • Kyogashima M et al., Glycobiology (2006); 16(8),719-728
    • “Rapid demonstration of diversity of sulfatide molecular species from biological materials by MALDI-TOF / MS


Contents Specifications
Sample load capacity 200 µL
Sample Treatment Concentration pico mol to nano mol order
Sample Loading Concentration 100 µg (AngiotensinII)
Tip Volume 200 µL
Functional Group Octadecyl
Organic solvent resistance Acetonitrile 100 %
Monolith High Purity Zole – Gel Silica
Through-pore Diameter 10 µm - 20 µm
Meso-pores 20 nm
Surface Area 200 m2/g

MonoTip C18200µL24pcs5010-21002
MonoTip C18200µL96pcs5010-21000