InertSep Series

InertSep SCX

InertSep® SCX

InertSep SCX is a silica-based sorbent modified with benzene sulfonyl propyl functional groups. The primary interaction is a combination of both non-polar and strong cation exchange. Because the non-polar interactions on InertSep SCX is stronger than those of InertSep PRS, it is suitable for such an extraction that the combination of non-polar and strong cation exchange interactions are fully ensured to function.

Average Particle Size :45 μm
Carbon Load :8.5 %
Surface Area :450 m2/g
Pore Volume :0.7 mL/g
Pore Size :6 nm
Ion exchange capacity :0.6 meq/g
pH Range :2 - 8
Remark :H+ ion pair

Syringe Barrel Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep SCX50mg/1mLENG100pcs5010-61540
InertSep SCX100mg/1mLENG100pcs5010-61541
InertSep SCX200mg/3mLENG50pcs5010-61542
InertSep SCX500mg/3mLENG50pcs5010-61543
InertSep SCX500mg/6mLENG30pcs5010-61544
InertSep SCX1g/6mLENG30pcs5010-61545
InertSep SCX2g/12mLENG20pcs5010-61546
InertSep SCX500mg/20mLENG20pcs5010-61553
InertSep SCX5g/20mLENG20pcs5010-61547
InertSep SCX10g/60mLENG16pcs5010-61548
InertSep SCX20g/60mLENG16pcs5010-61549
InertSep SCX25g/150mLENG8pcs5010-61550
InertSep SCX50g/150mLENG8pcs5010-61551
InertSep SCX70g/150mLENG8pcs5010-61552

Large Size LSC Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.Remark
InertSep LSC SCX100mgENG50pcs5010-63541On Request
InertSep LSC SCX200mgENG50pcs5010-63542On Request
InertSep LSC SCX500mgENG50pcs5010-63543On Request

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep Slim-J SCX500mgENG50pcs5010-65540
InertSep Slim-J SCX1000mgENG50pcs5010-65541

96 Well Plate

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep 96WP SCX50mgENG1pc5010-66420
InertSep 96WP SCX100mgENG1pc5010-66421

SPE Sorbent

DescriptionParticle SizeVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep SCX45µm100gENG1pc5010-69019