Cleanup Bulk

Active Carbon Beads

Active carbon beads are spherical activated carbon made from petroleum-based pitch, and they are activated in spherical form, giving reproducible results for the collection and desorption of organic substances in water without fine powder of them.
(Reference: K. Kadokami, R. Shinohara, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 35, No. 10, pp. 875-879, 1986)

DescriptionParticle SizeBulk Specific GravitySurface AreaQty.Cat.No.
Active Carbon Beads-M0.25~0.59mm(30/60 mesh approx)0.5~0.6g/mL800~1200m2/g200g1050-22150
Active Carbon Beads-M0.25~0.59mm(30/60 mesh approx)0.5~0.6g/mL800~1200m2/g1kg1050-22155
Active Carbon Beads-L0.30~0.84mm(20/30 mesh approx)0.5~0.6g/mL800~1200m2/g200g1050-22151
Active Carbon Beads-L0.30~0.84mm(20/30 mesh approx)0.5~0.6g/mL800~1200m2/g1kg1050-22156