InertSep Series

InertSep Slim-J AC (Active Carbon)

InertSep Slim-J AC(Active Carbon活性炭)

InertSep Slim-J AC cartridges are packed with active carbon particles uniformly size classified for liquid permeability. As ultra-pure active carbon is employed, it is clear of worry about contamination. Good retentivity of this sorbent even for highly polar compounds ensure high recovery and reproducibility. Lure device format supports automation of SPE procedure.


Example of Back-flush extraction

InertSep Slim-J AC

InertSep Slim-J AC

Base Gel :Active Carbon
Average Particle Size :60/150 mesh
Surface Area :800 - 1200 m2/g


  • The particle size is for high throughput
  • Active Carbon particle does not mix into collected eluents
  • Purified Active Carbon is used, and impurity does not elute
  • Easy to connect to automated device with lure device type


  • Retaining highly polar compounds that are not retained in C18 and SDB
  • Optimal SPE for high polar compounds and Acephate etc.
  • Optimal SPE for a new controlled substance like 1,4-dioxane

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep Slim-J AC400mgENG50pcs5010-25500


The following accessories are available.

Connector Tubing1pc5010-52021
Connector Tubing 5Ea5pcs5010-52022
Male Lure Union (PP)10pcs5010-52012
Female Lure Union (PP)10pcs5010-52013
Male Lure Cap50pcs5010-52015
Female Lure Cap50pcs5010-52016
Ls Tubing 01pc5010-50214
Backflush Adaptor for SPE Cartridge5pcs5010-52011

SPE Flow Chart for Acephate and Methamidophos


SPE Flow Chart for Acephate and Methamidophos

SPE Flow Chart of 1,4-dioxane


SPE Flow Chart of 1,4-dioxane