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InettSep MA-1

InertSep® MA-1図

InertSep MA-1 is a methacrylate polymer based sorbent modified with strong anion exchange functional groups. The primary advantages of this sorbent are high hydrophilicity and attainability of easy and effective elution of isolates.

Average Particle Size : 70 µm
Surface Area : 250 m2/g
Pore Volume : 0.7 mL/g
Pore Size : 13 nm
Ion Exchange Capacity : 0.5 meq/g
pH Range : 1 - 14
Remark : Cl- Ion Pair

Syringe Barrel Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep MA-130mg/1mL100pcs5010-27304
InertSep MA-160mg/3mL100pcs5010-27305
InertSep MA-1100mg/3mL50pcs5010-27300
InertSep MA-1250mg/6mL30pcs5010-27301
InertSep MA-1500mg/6mL30pcs5010-27302
InertSep MA-11g/20mL20pcs5010-27306
InertSep MA-12g/20mL20pcs5010-27307

Large Size LSC Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.Remark
InertSep LSC MA-130mg50pcs5010-27631On Request
InertSep LSC MA-160mg50pcs5010-27632On Request
InertSep LSC MA-1200mg50pcs5010-27633On Request
InertSep LSC MA-1500mg50pcs5010-27634On Request

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep mini MA-1280mg50pcs5010-27205

96 Well Plate

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep 96WP MA-130mg1pc5010-66700
InertSep 96WP MA-160mg1pc5010-66701

SPE Sorbent

DescriptionParticle SizeVolumeQty.Cat.No.
InertSep MA-160-80µm10g1pc5010-69116
InertSep MA-160-80µm100g1pc5010-69117