InertSep Series

InertSep Trial Kit

We have released several new kits that combine various products in the InertSep series. It is useful for screening and method development.

Features of Each Kits

InertSep Trial Kit-1 :
InertSep Trial Kit-1 is 10 sets of reversed phase RP-1 (250 mg/6 mL), PLS-2 (265 mg/6 mL), and PLS-3 (200 mg/6 mL). It is useful for screening organic compounds and regulated pollutants in environmental water in Japan. It is also useful for extracting antimicrobial agents that remain in meat and organs because it is highly permeable to liquid.
InertSep Trial Kit-2 :
InertSep Trial Kit-2 is a set of reversed phase Pharma, RP-C18, and MPC (60 mg/3 mL each). It is a convenient combination for pretreatment of medical screening using LC/MS and GC/MS. It is optimum for studying extraction procedures in simultaneous analysis of target compounds and their metabolites.
InertSep Trial Kit-3 :
InertSep Trial Kit-3 is a set of four ion-exchange systems, InertSep MA 1, MA-2, MC-1, and MC-2 (100 mg/3 mL each). This is a convenient combination for screening ionic compounds. Two types of cationic and anionic products with different ionic strengths are prepared. Since the InertSep MC and MA series are methacrylate-based and have extremely low hydrophobic interactions, they are also suitable for developing pretreatment methods for samples that inhibit to use organic solvents such as protein purification and enzymatic purification.
InertSep Trial Kit-4 :
InertSep Trial Kit-4 is 10 sets of InertSep SI, InertSep FL, InertSep AL N 1 g/6 mL as a normal phase clean-up kit.
InertSep Trial Kit-5 :
InertSep Trial Kit-5 consists of 10 sets of InertSep GC (500 mg/6 mL), InertSep GC/NH2 (500/500 mg/6 mL) and InertSep GC/SAX/PSA (500/500/500 mg/20 mL) as dye removal clean-up kits for the pretreatment of pesticide residue analysis of crops.

InertSep Trial Kit-1ENG10pcs each5010-27490
InertSep Trial Kit-210pcs each5010-27491
InertSep Trial Kit-310pcs each5010-27492
InertSep Trial kit-410pcs each5010-27493
InertSep Trial kit-510pcs each5010-27494