SPE Spin Centrifuge Columns

MonoSpin HILIC Columns(NH2, Amide)

MonoSpin is a monolithic SPE column excellent for the small volume sample with an easy and quick operation by centrifuge.


  • Easy-to-Operate
  • High Throughput and Rapid Operation for Biological Sample
  • Ideal for Small Sample Volumes
  • Selective Purification/Enrichment by Wide Various Functional Groups

Functional Group

MonoSpin NH2

Bounded with aminopropyl. Optimal for the enrichment of sugar chain and/or hydrophilic compounds by HILIC mode.

MonoSpin Amide

Bounded with amide. Optimal for the extraction of sugar chain chains and various hydrophilic acidic and basic compounds by HILIC mode.


S Type: Spin Column

Sample volume: up to 800 μL
Eluent volume: 50 μL - 800 μL

Spin Column is used setting with 1.5 mL and 2 mL micro tube.

L Type: Large Volume Reservoir

Sample Volume: up to 8 mL
Eluent Volume: 0.5 mL - 8 mL

Large Volume Reservoir is used setting with 50 mL centrifuge tubes.

96-well Plate

Note) Reservoir shape is different upon the type of the columns.

MonoSpin HILIC Columns

Funcational Group
NH2S Type50pcs5010-21710
NH2S Type100pcs5010-21711
NH2L Type30pcs7510-11323
AmideS Type50pcs5010-21727
AmideS Type100pcs5010-21728
NH296well Type1pc5010-21901
Amide96well Type1pc5010-21905

Note) The MonoSpin contains the same number of collection tubes (1.5 mL) and waste liquid tubes (2 mL). The MonoSpin L does not have any collection tubes nor waste liquid tubes. Prepare a 50 mL centrifuge tube separately.