High Selectivity Inorganic Separating Bulk

Cleanup MetaSEP LC for LC/MS

MetaSEP LC-Ba/Ag/H enables efficient clean-up of chloride and sulfate ions in tap water samples. Stable measurements are possible for a concentration of 1/10 of the reference value without affecting ionization inhibition, etc., even when a large amount of sample is injected into the LC/MS.

How to Operate

  1. Use purity water for conditioning.
  2. Add MgCl2 to sample to promote the coprecipitation of BaSO4.
  3. Operate the sample at a rate of about 2 mL per minute.
  4. When passing the sample, discard the first 2 to 2.5 mL to discard the conditioning solution and then collect the effluent to 4 mL as the test solution.

* Ba : Ba2+ Type
Strong cation exchange resin
Ag : Ag+ Type
Strong cation exchange resin
H : H+ Type
Strong cation exchange resin

Luer Device Type

MetaSEP Slim-J LC-Ba/Ag/HENG50pcs8500-25100

Syringe Barrel Type

MetaSEP LC-Ba/Ag/H10pcs8500-25200