High Selectivity Inorganic Separating Bulk

Ion Chromatography Sample Preparation MetaSEP IC Series

The MetaSEP IC series is a clean-up cartridge developed for ion chromatography. It is convenient for high salt concentration sample desalination treatment, removal of co-anions and cations. Cartridges for removing organic reduce the load of ion chromatographic columns. The desalting cartridge is expected to reducing LC/MS, LC/MS/MS ion suppression etc.

MetaSEP ICシリーズの写真
MetaSEP ICシリーズの写真
MetaSEP ICシリーズの写真


  • Efficiently removing interfering constituents (coexisting ions, organic matter, etc.).
  • This is a cartridge format of luer device type. It can be used immediately after opening the package.
  • Six types of MetaSEP IC are available as follows,
  • MetaSEP IC-Ba is for removing sulfonic acid ion (Bed volume: 300 mg)

・ MetaSEP IC-Ba is for removing sulfonic acid ion (Bed volume: 300 mg)
・ MetaSEP IC-Ag is for chlorotic ion removal (Bed volume: 300 mg)
・ MetaSEP IC-ME is for heavy metal removal (Bed volume: 280 mg)
・ MetaSEP IC-MA is for anion removal (Bed volume: 280 mg)
・ MetaSEP IC-MC is for cation removal (Bed volume: 280 mg)
・ MetaSEP IC-RP is for organic compound removal (Bed volume: 225 mg)

DescriptionSorbent MassAdsorption VolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
MetaSEP IC-Ba300mg0.07 mmol/g(SO42-)ENG25pcs8500-25000
MetaSEP IC-Ag300mg0.19 mmol/g(Cl-)25pcs8500-25010
MetaSEP IC-ME280mg0.2~0.3mmol/g(Cu2+)25pcs8500-25020
MetaSEP IC-MA280mg0.40~0.55meq/g25pcs8500-25030
MetaSEP IC-MC280mg0.40~0.55meq/g25pcs8500-25040
MetaSEP IC-RP225mg50~100mg/g25pcs8500-25050