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InertSep MCX

InertSep MCX

InertSep MCX is a mixed-mode SPE sorbent based on styrene divinylbenzene polymer modified by a strong cation-exchange group.
It has a hydrophobic and a cation-exchange interaction, making it suitable for the pretreatment of weak basic compounds.

Average Particle Size : 30 µm
Surface Area : 520 m2/g
Pore Volume : 1.2 mL/g
Pore diameter: 9 nm
pH Range: 1-14
Ion exchange capacity: 1.3 meq/g

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep MCX10mg/1mL100pcs5010-62690
InertSep MCX30mg/1mL100pcs5010-62691
InertSep MCX60mg/3mL50pcs5010-62692
InertSep MCX150mg/6mL30pcs5010-62693

96 Well Plate

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.
InertSep 96WP MCX10mg1pcs5010-66460
InertSep 96WP MCX30mg1pcs5010-66461
InertSep 96WP MCX60mg1pcs5010-66462

Large Size LSC Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.Remark
InertSep LSC MCX60mg50pcs5010-27556