InertSep Series

InertSep C18-B

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InertSep C18-B is a silica-based sorbent modified with C18 (octadecyl) functional groups being utilized for non-polar interaction. In addition to the interaction, secondary interaction can be expected on this mono functional, general purpose sorbent.

Average Particle Size : 45 µm
Carbon Loading : 14 %
End-capping : Middle
Surface Area : 450 m2/g
Pore Volume : 0.7 mL/g
Pore Size : 6 nm
pH Range : 2 - 8

Syringe Barrel Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep C18-B50mg/1mLENG100pcs5010-61020
InertSep C18-B100mg/1mLENG100pcs5010-61021
InertSep C18-B200mg/3mLENG50pcs5010-61022
InertSep C18-B500mg/3mLENG50pcs5010-61023
InertSep C18-B500mg/6mLENG30pcs5010-61024
InertSep C18-B1g/6mLENG30pcs5010-61025
InertSep C18-B2g/12mLENG20pcs5010-61026
InertSep C18-B5g/20mLENG20pcs5010-61027
InertSep C18-B10g/60mLENG16pcs5010-61028

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep Slim-J C18-B500mgENG50pcs5010-65020
InertSep Slim-J C18-B1000mgENG50pcs5010-65021
InertSep Slim C18-B360mgENG50pcs5010-65025
InertSep Slim C18-B840mgENG50pcs5010-65026

96 Well Plate

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep 96WP C18-B50mgENG1pc5010-66020
InertSep 96WP C18-B100mgENG1pc5010-66021

SPE Sorbent

DescriptionParticle SizeVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep C18-B45µm100gENG1pc5010-69001