Cleanup Bulk

Florisil, Flolisil PR, Other Cleanup Bulk

Florisil, Flolisil PR

Florisil is magnesium silicate that removes interfering substances that are not removed by other sorbents. The typical activation is carried out overnight at 130 °C and cooled in a desiccator, but it may be further heated to increase adsorption capacity or weakened by addition of water. Florisil PR (60/100 mesh) is suitable for a pesticide cleanup particularly effective for organochlorine pesticides.

Florisil PR500mL1pc1050-21000

227 g = 493 mL

Other Cleanup Bulk

Activated alumina, silica gel, or activated carbon are commonly used cleanup agents. Although the adsorption capacity of activated alumina is not very large, it is suitable for samples with low adsorption samples because of its strong adsorption behavior. The activation is typically dried overnight at 130 °C and allowed to cool in a desiccator. It is used for wide variety samples for adjusting to strongly acidic or alkaline with adding hydrochloric acid or ammonia solution, or to reduce the adsorption strength with adding water.
Silica gel is relatively weak in adsorption and suitable for separation of polar samples. However, it may difficult to elute samples because of swelling by solvent. Therefore, evenly spherical shaped silica gel is used or used with the same volume of Celite 545.

SilicaGel-100 (60Å)1kg70/200ENG1pc1050-22132
SilicaGel-150 (60Å)1kg30/801pc1050-22134
SilicaGel PR250g1pc1050-22100
GC-60 (Activated Carbon)500g1pc1050-22102
Activated Alumina500g200 approxENG1pc1050-22103
Activated Alumina500g300 approxENG1pc1050-22104
Diatomaceous Earth50g1pc1050-22170
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate (for Residual Pesticide Analysis)500gENG1pc1050-22180

Note) Since the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is large, 1/10 volume of activated carbon is mixed with Celite, etc. or about 1 g of activated carbon is used on top of other adsorption columns.