SPE Spin Columns

MonoSpin Ion Exchange Columns (SAX, SCX, C18-AX, C18-CX, CBA)

MonoSpin is a monolithic SPE column excellent for the small volume sample with an easy and quick operation by centrifuge.


  • Easy-to-Operate
  • High Throughput and Rapid Operation for Biological Sample
  • Ideal for Small Sample Volumes
  • Selective Purification/Enrichment by Wide Various Functional Groups

Functional Group

MonoSpin SAX

Bounded with trimethylaminopropyl combining both strong anion exchange & weak hydrophobic interaction. Optimal for the extraction of acidic drugs.

MonoSpin SCX

Bounded with benzenesulfonic acid combining both strong cation exchange & hydrophobic interaction. Optimal for the extraction of basic drugs.

MonoSpin C18-AX

Bounded with octadecyl and trimethylaminopropyl, a mix mode type. Delivers great retention for high salt concentrated serum samples. Optimal for the recovery of acidic drugs.

MonoSpin C18-CX

Bounded with octadecyl and benzene sulfonic acid combining both ion exchange & hydrophobic interaction. Optimal for dissociated basic drug in biological samples. Delivers higher cleanup efficiency compound to C18 or SCX.

MonoSpin CBA

Bounded with carboxyl acid combining both weak cation exchange. Optimal for the extraction of basic drugs.


S type: Spin Column

Sample volume: up to 800 μL
Eluent volume: 50 μL - 800 μL

Spin Column is used setting with 1.5 mL and 2 mL micro tubes.

L Type: Large Volume Reservoir

Sample Volume: up to 8 mL
Eluent Volume: 0.5 mL - 8 mL

Large Volume Reservoir is used setting 50 mL centrifuge tube.

96-well Plate

Note) Reservoir shape is different upon the type of the columns.

MonoSpin Ion Exchange Columns

Funcational Group
SAXS Type50pcs5010-21720
SAXS Type100pcs5010-21721
SAXL Type30pcs7510-11321
SCXS Type50pcs5010-21725
SCXS Type100pcs5010-21726
SCXL Type30pcs7510-11322
C18-AXS Type50pcs5010-21735
C18-AXS Type100pcs5010-21736
C18-CXS Type50pcs5010-21731
C18-CXS Type100pcs5010-21732
CBAS Type50pcs5010-21729
CBAS Type100pcs5010-21730
CBAL Type30pcs7510-11324
SAX96well Type1pc5010-21903
SCX96well Type1pc5010-21904
CBA96well Type1pc5010-21906
C18-CX96well Type1pc5010-21907
C18-AX96well Type1pc5010-21908

Note) The MonoSpin contains the same number of collection tubes (1.5 mL) and waste liquid tubes (2 mL). The MonoSpin L does not have any collection tubes nor waste liquid tubes. Prepare a 50 mL centrifuge tube separately.