Cleanup Bulk

Carbon Silica Gel, Carbon Silica Gel Cartridge

Carbon silica gel has a structure in which activated carbon is deposited on the surface of spherical silica gel. By controlling the amount of activated carbon on the surface, it is possible to prepare carbon silica gel with different adsorption forces according to the GC/MS measurement conditions. Three different types of carbon are available. Two-layer cartridge columns are filled with two types of carbon silica gel with different adsorption properties, which is improved by the conventional cleanup method using a single-layer activated carbon silica gel column.


  • Cleanup agent with low impurities by new manufacturing method
  • Higher recoveries with fewer solvents
  • A glass reservoir prevents the elution of impurities from the components
  • 2 layer cartridge is possible to have clear fractions of di-ortho PCB, mono-ortho PCB, non-ortho PCB and PCDD/DFs

Refference : 12th Symposium on Environmental Chemistry, Abstracts, pp. 352-353

Carbon Silica Gel Sorbent

DescriptionCarbon ContentVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
Carbon Silica Gel 3s3%10gENG1pc5010-29700
Carbon Silica Gel 5s5%10g1pc5010-29701
Carbon Silica Gel 8s8%10gENG1pc5010-29702

Carbon Silica Gel Cartridge

DescriptionCarbon ContentVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
2Layer Carbon Silica Gel Cartridge1st Layer 3%, 2nd Layer 8%0.4g eachENG10pcs5010-29711