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Quality Control

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Quality Control of InertSep Products and GL-Pak Products

◆ISO-9001:2000 certification
Our Fukushima Manufacturing factory has achieved the International Organization for Standardization ISO-9001 certification. All solid phase extraction products are manufactured under strict quality control and widely used in the analysis of food and water samples. All products are inspected and only those which pass our strict criteria are shipped to customers. On request, we can provide with a customization service and custom made multi-sorbent beds in a cartridge.

◆Certificates of Analysis are Attached to Each Product
The demands of stable supply for products that have been validated by GLP, etc. are increasing. The certificate sheet (CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS) is enclosed in each product to ensure the safe use of the bond route. Although there are different items to be checked for each type of product, such as none polar phase, polar phase, and ion exchange phase, all products are tested before filling and after filling, and strict quality checks are carried out. Even when a lot changes during use, the difference is visible at a glance compared to the previous lot.