96-well Plate

GL Plate Seals

EvapoLess Slit / Sealing Sticker are plate seals for 96-well plate, for example, “MonoSpin 96”, microtiter plate and 384 well plate.
EvapoLess Slit is a plate seal with slits. After injections with needles slit cover the hole again. Minimizes evaporation of solvent and can be used many times.
Sealing Sticker is embossed its adhesive surface. This makes small air spaces between sticker and plate, so it prevent adhesive from remaining on needle after needle was injected through it.

(After injections seals return. This minimizes evaporation of solvent.)
-Top of the well is free of adhesive for avoiding contamination
-Used within -80 ℃ to 100 ℃

-Tolerate to organic solvent and have high hermetic (DMSO, acetonitrile, methanol, etc.)
-Easiness to peel and no adhesive remains enable repeated injections
-Preventing contamination achieved by storing under even -80 ℃ conditions

DescriptionPore SizeQty.Cat.No.
FastRemover MF0.2µm50pcs7510-11037