InertSep Series

InertSep MC-1

InertSep® MC-1

InertSep MC-1 is a methacrylate polymer based sorbent modified with strong cation exchange functional groups. The primary advantages of this sorbent are high hydrophilicity and attainability of easy and effective isolation of cationic compounds.

Average Particle Size : 70 µm
Surface Area : 80 m2
Pore Volume : 0.4 mL/g
Pore Size : 20 nm
Ion Exchange Capacity : 0.5 meq/g
pH Range : 1 - 14
Remark : Na+ Ion Pair

Syringe Barrel Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep MC-130mg/1mLENG100pcs5010-27354
InertSep MC-160mg/3mLENG100pcs5010-27355
InertSep MC-1100mg/3mLENG50pcs5010-27350
InertSep MC-1250mg/6mLENG30pcs5010-27351
InertSep MC-1500mg/6mLENG30pcs5010-27352
InertSep MC-11g/20mLENG20pcs5010-27356
InertSep MC-12g/20mLENG20pcs5010-27357

Large Size LSC Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionQty.Cat.No.Remark
InertSep LSC MC-130mg50pcs5010-27651On Request
InertSep LSC MC-160mg50pcs5010-27652On Request
InertSep LSC MC-1200mg50pcs5010-27653On Request
InertSep LSC MC-1500mg50pcs5010-27654On Request

Lure Device Type

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep mini MC-1280mgENG50pcs5010-27210

96 Well Plate

DescriptionColumn DimensionSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep 96WP MC-130mgENG1pc5010-66500
InertSep 96WP MC-160mgENG1pc5010-66501

SPE Sorbent

DescriptionParticle SizeVolumeSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertSep MC-160-80µm10gENG1pc5010-69120
InertSep MC-160-80µm100gENG1pc5010-69121