Columns of Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan (CERI)

L-column Guard Columns

DescriptionParticle Size
LengthManufacturer P/NQty.Cat.No.
L-column ODS Cartridge Type Guard Column5µm4.6mm10mm6520503pcs5055-28507
L-column ODS Cartridge Type Guard Column5µm2.0mm5mm6523303pcs5055-28557
L-colum2 ODS Cartridge Type Guard Column5µm4.6mm10mm7520503pcs5055-28452
L-colum2 ODS Cartridge Type Guard Column5µm2.0mm5mm7523303pcs5055-28451

Cartridge Guard Column Holder for L-column

DescriptionI.D.LengthManufacturer P/NQty.Cat.No.
Guard Column Holder4.6mm10mm6520521pc5055-28506
Guard Column Holder2.0mm5mm6523321pc5055-28556

Various column sizes can be available from nano- to semi- preparative columns (I.D.: 0.075 mm - 20 mm, length: 35 mm - 250 mm).

Refer to the website as below for other packed columns (such as columns with specific function).