Other Specific Columns

InertSphere Sugar-1

InertSphere Sugar-1 is a suitable anion-exchange column for sugar analysis. It is packed quaternary ammonium group binding polymer. High sensitivity sugar analysis is available using an electrochemical detector. Especially InertSphere Sugar-1 is suitable for Monosaccharide and Disaccharide analysis.

Note) Solvent Bottle with CO2 Trap Cartridge is necessary for analysis to avoid dissolving carbonate ion in the solvent. The Solvent Bottle CO2 Trap Cartridge contains hazardous material which requires special freight handling. Additional charges apply.


Base Material : Styrene Divinylbenzene copolymerization
Particle Size
: 5 µm
Ion Exchange Capacity : 0.7 meq/g
Functional Group
: Quaternary Alkylamine
pH Range
: 2 - 14
Maximum Operating Pressure
: 15 MPa (150 bar)
Organic solvent resist : 0 % - 100 % (Methanol only)

DescriptionParticle SizeI.D.LengthQty.Cat.No.
InertSphere Sugar-15µm4.6mm150mm1pc5020-11001

InertSphere Suger-1 Guard Column Cartridge E

DescriptionParticle SizeI.D.LengthApplicable Column's I.D.Qty.Cat.No.
Replacement Cartridge E5µm4.0mm10mm4.0, 4.6mm2pcs5020-19048
Replacement Cartridge E (2/pk) & Holder Set5µm4.0mm10mm4.0, 4.6mm1/pk5020-19098

Cartridge Guard Column E Holder

DescriptionHolder LengthQty.Cat.No.
UHPLC Guard Column Holder10mm1pc5020-08500
Cartridge Guard Column E Holder20mm1pc5020-08550

DescriptionHazards IdentificationSDSQty.Cat.No.
Solvent Bottle with CO2 Trap Cartridge 1LD/GENG1/pk6010-92050
Solvent Bottle with CO2 Trap Cartridge 2LD/GENG1/pk6010-92060

Related Consumables

DescriptionHazards IdentificationSDSQty.Cat.No.
CO2 Trap Cartridge SetD/GENG1/pk5010-29900
Replacement CO2 Trap Cartridge (Moistrure Trap)1/pk5010-29901
Replacement CO2 Trap Cartridge (CO2 Trap)D/GENG1/pk5010-29902
Solvent Bottle (1L) Stand for CO2 Trap Cartridge1pc6010-92052