Core-shell Columns

InertCore Plus C18


Base Material : Core-shell type silica gel Functional Group : Octadecyl
Particle Size : 2.6µm End-capping : Yes
Solid Core : 2.0µm Carbon Loading : 15%
Surface Area : 200m2/g USP Code : L1
Pore Size : 90Å pH Range : 1 - 10
    Max Pressure
: 100MPa (2.1 mm I.D.)
  60 MPa  (3.0 mm I.D., 4.6 mm I.D.)


Core-Shell Technology for the highest theoretical plates.

The molecules of the target analytes pass through the fine pores in the particles in the packing material.
Core-shell particles are formed around a solid non-porous core, resulting in less diffusion inside the fine pore structure. This differs from the more traditional fully porous particle.
When using a core-shell column, the distribution of molecules in the peak is narrower when the target compound is eluted from the column, resulting in a greater number of theoretical plates.

Comparison with Products from Other Suppliers

The InertCore Plus C18 columns are subjected to rigorous internal quality control from bare silica
manufacturing to inspection, resulting in superior reproducibility due to shell layer homogeneity.

Compare with other core-shell brand columns, InertCore Plus C18 delivery extremely stable batch-to-batch performance.

InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column

DescriptionParticle Size
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm2.1mm50mmENG1pc5020-17510
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm2.1mm75mmENG1pc5020-17513
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm2.1mm100mmENG1pc5020-17511
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm2.1mm150mmENG1pc5020-17512
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm3.0mm50mmENG1pc5020-17515
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm3.0mm75mmENG1pc5020-17518
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm3.0mm100mmENG1pc5020-17516
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm3.0mm150mmENG1pc5020-17517
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm4.6mm50mmENG1pc5020-17520
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm4.6mm75mmENG1pc5020-17523
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm4.6mm100mmENG1pc5020-17521
InertCore Plus C18 Analytical Column2.6µm4.6mm150mmENG1pc5020-17522

Note) The type of fitting connections used is Parker type (UP type).

InertCore Plus C18 Guard Column

DescriptionParticle SizeI.D.LengthSDSQty.Cat.No.
InertCore Plus C18 Guard Column2.6µm2.1mm20mmENG1pc5020-17506
InertCore Plus C18 Guard Column2.6µm3.0mm20mmENG1pc5020-17507
InertCore Plus C18 Guard Column2.6µm4.6mm20mmENG1pc5020-17508

Note) The type of fitting connections used is Parker type (UP type).