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SUMIPAX Filter Series

Porous glass HPLC columns are packing materials in which boric acid and aluminum-containing porous glass are ODSs and then end-capped. It is excellent in acid and alkali resistance. (Operating pH range: pH 2.5 - 10.0) SUMIPAX Filter PG-ODS is a new HPLC filter with a guard-column function. Octadecylsilylated (end-capped) monolithic porous glass, a different form of guard column packed with filler.

DescriptionManufacturer P/NApplicationContentQty.Cat.No.
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Starter KitGAODS001for Analytical HPLCSUS Holder 1pc, Filter 1pc1/pk5055-27001
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Starter KitGMODS001for Semi-micro HPLCSUS Holder 1pc, Filter 1pc1/pk5055-27004
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Starter KitGPODS001for Preparative HPLCSUS Holder 1pc, Filter 1pc, PTFE Packing 2pcs1/pk5055-27007
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Replacement FilterGAODS003for Analytical HPLC3/pk5055-27010
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Replacement FilterGMODS003for Semi-micro HPLC3/pk5055-27011
SUMIPAX FILTER PG-ODS Replacement FilterGPODS002for Preparative HPLCReplacement Filter, PTFE Packing 2pcs1/pk5055-27008
SUMIPAX HolderGAACC001for Analytical HPLCSUS Holder 1pc1/pk5055-27003
SUMIPAX HolderGMACC001for Semi-micro HPLCSUS Holder 1pc1/pk5055-27006
SUMIPAX HolderGPACC001for Preparative HPLCSUS Holder 1pc, PTFE Packing 2pcs1/pk5055-27009

1) There are three (3) sizes: for analytical columns, preparative columns, semi-micro columns.
2) We also sell a type of porous glass that does not make ODS (PG-OH).
3) Connection Kit to connect to column is also available.

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