Guard Columns

InertSustain PFP GL Cart

InertSustain PFP columns are bonded with Pentafluorophenyl groups to our newly developed ES silica gel, which delivers unique separation patterns with excellent peak shape and sensitivity. The chromatographic difference stems from the fact that the PFP phases provide interactions such as π-π, dipole, hydrogen bonding, and ionic interactions unlike conventional PFP columns.


Functional Group

Base Material : High Purity ES Silica Gel
Functional Group : Pentafluorophenyl
Particle Size : 3 µm, 5 µm
Surface Area : 350 m2/g
Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)
Pore Volume : 0.85 mL/g
End-capping : Yes
Carbon Loading : 10.0 %
USP Code : L43
pH Range : 2 - 7.5

InertSustain PFP GL Cart

DescriptionParticle SizeI.D.LengthSDSQty.Cat.No.
Replacement Cartridge for GL-Cart3µm4.6mm5mmENG10pcs5020-87915
Replacement Cartridge for GL-Cart5µm4.6mm5mmENG10pcs5020-87819
Replacement Cartridge (5/pk) & Holder Set for GL-Cart3µm4.6mm5mmENG1/pk5020-87916
Replacement Cartridge (5/pk) & Holder Set for GL-Cart5µm4.6mm5mmENG1/pk5020-87820