Guard Columns

Pre-Clean ORG

プレクリーン ORGの画像

Pre-Clean ORG


  • A guard column to install between the pump and injector, to remove the impurity in aqueous organic eluent
  • Protect analytical LC columns, and prolong analytical columns lifetime
  • Easy-to-replace
  • Also can be used as an in-line filter, semi-micro columns are most appropriate for column clog
  • 2 types for two different flow rates


水系溶離液を流した後 のプレクリーン ORG

Pre-Clean ORG after high water concentration eluent flow

The data below is a chromatogram obtained by repeating the analysis of nucleic acid bases and nucleotides using an ODS column. With Pre-Clean ORG, there is little change after 400 hours, but the peak shape worsens after about 100 hours if it is not used. Pre-Clean ORG, which flows through the aqueous solution as shown in the photograph, is dirty and prevents contamination of the column.


Example with Pre-clean ORG


Without Pre-Clean ORG

Analytical Condition

Column : ODS 150 x 4.6 mm I.D.
Eluent : 0.2 M perchloric acid aqueous solution (pH 2.0)
Flow Rate : 1.2 mL/min
Detection Wave : UV260 nm
Column Temp. : 40 ºC
Sample : 1. Cytosine 2. Guanine 3. Uridine
: 4. Tymine 5. Adenosine 6. Guanosine
: 7. Thymidine

DescriptionI.D.LengthRecommend Flow RateQty.Cat.No.
Pre-Clean ORG Replacement Cartridges 2/Pk7.6mm30mm1.0mL~20mL/min2pcs5020-12755
Pre-Clean ORG Holder & Cartridges 2/Pk7.6mm30mm1.0mL~20mL/min1/pk5020-12760*1
Pre-Clean ORG Holder1pc5020-12750
Pre-Clean ORG Semi Replacement Cartridges 2/Pk4.0mm10mm0.1~2.0mL/min2pcs5020-12780
Pre-Clean ORG Semi Holder & Cartridges 2/Pk4.0mm10mm0.1~2.0mL/min1/pk5020-12790*1
Pre-Clean ORG Semi Holder1pc5020-12770

* 1: 2 cartridges + Holder set

Note)The sizes of Pre-Clean ORG and Pre-Clean ORG semi are different, and there is no compatible.