Capillary HPLC Columns

MonoCap C18 Fast-flow

Workable at a broad range of linear velocity from 0.5 mm/s to 5 mm/s without sacrificing efficiency and separation at high speed. The number of theoretical plates produced by MonoCap C18 Fastflow is nearly equivalent to a totally porous particle type capillary column packed with a 5 μm packing material. Columns are protected by either metal or PEEK hardware. End-fittings are 1/16 inch (10-32 UNF). 1/32 inch end-fittings are also available upon request.


  • Two types are available: a Fast-flow with a throughpore diameter of 2 m, which is optimum for high-throughput high-speed analysis at low pressures, and a Nano-flow with a throughpore diameter of 1 μm, which can maintain the number of high theoretical plates even at low flow rates
  • The surface of the monolith skeleton is chemically modified with ODS and end-capped
  • Applicable to a wide range of compounds with molecular weights, ranging from low molecular weight compounds for proteins
  • It is protected by PEEK column jackets and is easy to handle
  • Connect directly to the injector or detector
Inner structure of monolithic column

Inner structure of monolithic column

MonoCap C18 Fast-flow and Nano-flow

MonoCap C18 Fast-flow and Nano-flow

Note) 1/32 inch connection type for metal hardware is also available on request.

MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm250mmPEEK1pc5020-10000
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm250mmPEEK1pc5020-10010
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm250mmPEEK1pc5020-10020
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm150mmPEEK1pc5020-10001
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm150mmPEEK1pc5020-10011
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm150mmPEEK1pc5020-10021
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm50mm/3pcs5020-10002
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm50mm/3pcs5020-10012
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm50mm/3pcs5020-10022
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm250mmMetal1pc5020-10100
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm250mmMetal1pc5020-10110
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm250mmMetal1pc5020-10120
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm150mmMetal1pc5020-10101
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm150mmMetalENG1pc5020-10111
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm150mmMetal1pc5020-10121
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.05mm50mmMetal1pc5020-10102
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.1mm50mmMetal1pc5020-10112
MonoCap C18 Fast-flow0.2mm50mmMetal1pc5020-10122