Capillary HPLC Columns

MonoCap HILIC-UP High Resolution 2000

Maximizing all the benefits and advantages of monolithic technology, MonoCap High Resolution and High Resolution Ultra are appropriate for the efficient separation of peptides and protein digests. MonoCap High Resolution 750 deliver over 60,000 plates, while High Resolution 2000 deliver over 300,000 plates. The newly-introduced High Resolution Ultra type deliver over 300,000 plate number. Optimized for Identification of Peptides /Proteins for Proteome Research.


  • World's first long HILIC type long monolithic capillary column! 2 meters long
  • Number of peptide identification is same as C18 column
  • HILIC specific peptides can be identified that differ from C18 binding columns
    • Effective to hydrophilic, hydrophobic and basic peptides
  • Higher sensitivity with mobile phase with high concentration of organic solvents


Base Gel : High Purity Monolithic Silica Gel
Through-pore Size : 2 µm
Mesopore Size : 12 nm
Bonded Phase : Ureidopropyl Groups
Internal Diameter : 0.1 mm I.D.
Length : 2000 mm
Recommended Flow Rate Ranges : 0.3 µL/min – 1 µL/min
Maximum Operating Pressure : 35 MPa (350 bar)

MonoCap HILIC-UP HR 20000.1mm2000mm1pc5020-10019

Connection Kit

1/16”PEEKフェラル、SUSナット、スリーブ 各2個、1/32”PEEKフェラル、SUSナット、スリーブ 各2個1/pk5020-10017

Note) A column stand is included. Connection Kit is not included.