Capillary HPLC Columns

MonoCap C18 WideBore

The MonoCap C18 Fast-flow is also available in 0.5 mm I.D. size, which can be used at a wide range of flow rate from 6 μL/m into 100 μL/min without sacrificing efficiency. The number of theoretical plates produced by MonoCap C18 WideBore is nearly equivalent to a totally porous particle type capillary column packed with a 5 μm packing material. Column is protected by metal hardware.

MonoCap C18 WideBore0.5mm50mmMetal1pc5020-10202
MonoCap C18 WideBore0.5mm150mmMetal1pc5020-10201
MonoCap C18 WideBore0.5mm250mmMetal1pc5020-10200